Advanced FAQ Schema Snippet Generator For WordPress and Blogger

FAQ Schema Snippet Generator

Hey guys,

are you looking for tool to add faq schema snippet to your website ? Then you are at the perfect spot.You can freely use my tool 🙂

My tool will help you to generate FAQ schema for wordpress and blogger. You can also use FAQ schema in theme builders like Thrive architect and Elementor using my tool.

FAQ Page Rich Snippet Generator

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WordPress VS Blogger - Which is Best ?

Adding faq schema will help you to rank your website in google. FAQ schema tells google that you have given some sort of information in the form of question and answer so google will show it in google search result as snippet.

It will help you to increase CTR.

I personally use this technique to boost the ranking of more than 5 websites managed by me and my team. Most of the people are not aware of this feature. vs Which is better?

How to Create FAQ Schema Using My Tool

I show you the correct method of using my FAQ Page Snippet Generator for WordPress and Google Blogger

Total Time: 3 minutes

1.Adding your question and answers in FAQ Snippet Generator Tool

How to add question to Faq Schema Generator for both blogger and wordpress

Add your first question in first box and answer in the second box

2.Adding more question

How to add more question in FAQ Schema Generator

Click the add another question button to add more question to your faq page snippet

3.Deleting Questions From Tool

Click the dustbin icon to delete your question and answer.

4.Copying code from FAQ Schema Generator


Click the orange copy button under in the code preview box.

5.Installing Header and Footer Scripts Plugin in WordPress

Header and Footer Scripts plugin for adding FAQ

You need to install a plugin called header and footer scripts. It is a free plugin, you can download it from here or just search it by clicking add new plugin in wordpress dashboard.

6.Adding FAQ to the blog post.

Pasting FAQ page snippet code

Step:1 Choose the post in which you want to add faq

Step:2 Click Edit

Step:3 Now you will see a box named "insert script to head".
Paste the FAQ code and click publish

We have successfully added FAQ page rich snippet in our post.

Adding FAQ Schema in Blogger Website

Follow the below mentioned steps after copying the code from the tool.

1.Go to your blogger dashboard and choose the post in which you want to add FAQ schema.

2.Choose html view by clicking the pencil icon in the left top corner

3.Paste the code at the end of the script and click update button

I have added the faq schema at the end of the script after </div>

Now you have success fully added FAQ page rich snippet in your post.

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FAQ Related to FAQ Page Schema

How important is schema for SEO?

It helps to increase Click Through Rate.

What is FAQPage Schema?

FAQ page structured Schema tells the search engine that the page contains frequently asked question and answer section

What is the difference between FAQ and FAQPAge Schema Markup?

Both are same.

I hope my article helped you to create frequently asked question schema in your article. Your comments motivate me to create more content like this.

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