Generatepress vs Astra: (The Truth Revealed)

When we are starting a new website, we are often confused about choosing a theme for our WordPress website. Astra and Generate press are the two themes you encounter.

Let compare these two themes.

                                                Quick Summary for Lazy  People




Ease Of Use

Number of modules




​Little bit slow

King Support

 Enable/disable modules




Layout customization

Developer friendliness ‎‍



Compatibility with page builders 

Astra Wins

Some More to Improve

Woocommerce integration 


(Astra Wins)





Renewal offer

20% off on renewal

40% off on renewal

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My opinion: If you have $10 more to invest. Then Astra is the best choice.

Astra - Quick Overview

Astra is one of the most impressive yet multipurpose WordPress themes available on the internet. The theme is using for versatile like blogs, portfolios, businesses, and more. Also, you can download and install the theme for free on your WordPress website.

Theme Page Builder supports a wide range of WordPress plugins. As a result, you get the ultimate experience when it comes to designing your website.

It packs a lot of free high-quality pre-made website designs for you. Install the theme on your WordPress and start customizing your website right away. It indeed kills the need for designing or coding knowledge.

If you want to extend the functionality, you can try Astra Pro. By switching to the pro version, you get hook/filter, blog layout, mega menu, header section, transparent header, and more.

Features of Astra WordPress themes

Astra Features

astra vs generatepress which is best for bloggers

Ultimate Speed:

Speed ​​is one of the most critical elements of any theme. If your website does not load very fast, be prepared to say goodbye to the rankings.

However, the Astra theme is designed with the pace in mind. The theme is lightweight and smooth. So it doesn't affect the page load time.

Starter Themes:

The starter theme works for first-time website developers. Astra comes with ready-to-use starter themes.

All you have to do is install any starter theme based on your website and start editing with your favourite page builder tool. Additionally, it supports Element, Beaver, Thrive, Architect, Page Builder tools, and more.

You do not need to have any prior knowledge of CSS, coding, or design as you will have the opportunity to work with pre-made templates.

However, if you are using the free version of the theme, you should consider acquiring some CSS skills. You do not get many customization features with the Astra Free version.

Mobile friendly options:

We cannot deny the fact that our websites receive more traffic from mobile devices. Therefore, to help you customize your site for mobile devices, the Astra Pro theme comes with a module called Mobile Header.

Once activated, you will find features such as menu breakpoint, menu label, toggle button style, toggle button colour, and more. Additionally, you can set a different logo for your mobile website.

SEO friendly:

Having an SEO Friendly Theme is very important. But not all themes come with SEO friendly features. However, the Astra Pro theme takes good care of the SEO component.

In addition to being very fast, the website follows modern SEO standards. As a result, it adds a schema markup by default to every page on your website. So you have a good chance of appearing in Google's snippets and knowledge graphs.

Easy customization options:

The Astra theme works well when it comes to customization. By looking at its great layout settings, you will be able to uniquely manage the layout of your website's title, blog, page, personal posts, sidebar, and footer.

You can further edit the colours, backgrounds, and typography. In short, the theme allows you to customize every element of your website. Also, you do not need coding knowledge to make changes.

Generate Press - A quick overview

Generate Press is also known as one of the top WordPress themes. It is packed with features and can be used on various websites, blogs, and commercial websites. You can use the theme to create an online store, blog, portfolio, or business website.

The theme gives you many customization options to customize elements like background, blog, colour, copyright.

Like Astra, it also comes with a site library. So you can easily import the entire library to your website and stream your site live instantly. The great thing is that it also provides you with pre-built templates for page builders like Element and Beaver.

You can download Generate Press for free from However, the free version does not give you as many functions or customization options as Astra.

Features of Generate‌Press Premium Theme

 Generatepress Features


The cool part of the theme is that it is well coded and not buggy. Also, the theme size is small. As a result, it loads your website faster.

Additionally, the theme is developer-friendly. It comes with built-in options for you, including adding hooks and filters without changing the theme files. Also, if you confuse things, you have a chance to reset the item.

Wide range of customization options:

As mentioned earlier, the Generate‌press theme is loaded with customization options. You can get started by customizing your website using the default WordPress customizer. Or you can use another page builder for it.

However, the free version of the Generate‌press theme gives you better options, and if you have a Generate‌press premium, the customization options are huge.

The theme allows you to customize areas such as headings, navigation, sidebar layouts, blog post layouts, footer layouts.

Pre-made starter sites:

Generate Press also comes with pre-made starter sites. A pre-made starter site is the right choice when you have no prior knowledge about website creation. Also, it speeds up the whole designing process.

Generate Press relaunched its site library feature in 2018 and comes with 25+ pre-built demo sites. These pre-build demo sites can be used for your blog, agency website, online store, and more.

However, the free version of Generate Press does not include demo sites such as Astra Free.

Page-level settings:

One of the best parts of the Generatepress theme is that it gives you page level settings. As a result, you have better control over every part of your content.

GeneratePress does this by providing a new layout meta box feature for each post and page. As a result, you can easily change how many sidebar or sidebar trends your site uses.

Generate‌Press - Page Level Layout

You can also choose how many footer widgets to use or disable, such as captions, navigation menus, posted images, post captions, or footers. Also, it allows you to create a separate container for your page builder.

Optimized performance and faster page load times:

Generate‌press is a highly optimized theme for best performance and quick loading speed. So, the size of the whole thing is less than 30 KB.

If I go ahead and compare the size of this page with other elements, the size of most items is 200 KB. Additionally, poorly coded themes can be up to 1 MB.

Also, there is no code dependency on the theme. This will help prevent render-blocking errors that often indicate Google's speed insights.

So if you are serious about page speed, the Generate‌press is the right choice for you.

Astra vs Generate Press - Which WordPress Theme is Best?

Ease of use:

Both themes are very easy to use and get started quickly. To get started with these themes, all you have to do is install them and go to the Appearance section of your WordPress website, and you will be able to customize your site right away.

This can be very useful if you do not use premium page builders like element. Also, the best thing about these two themes is that they have a modular approach.

As a result, all relevant settings are put together. This makes it very easy to customize every element of the website. You can modify the settings, enable or disable various items.

       Astra Wins

Performance Astra vs Generate Press:

Both Astra and Generate Press work very well. They are both very lightweight and have a fast loading speed.

Even if you test both templates using a tool like Pingdom, you will still get the same features. However, when used with a page builder like Astra, Generate Press is a little slower than Astra. But the difference is not really any big difference.

However, you should know that the performance of your website depends on various factors. This includes what web hosting you are using, what plugins are installed on your website, and more.

                                                                Astra Wins

Make sure to purchase a good hosting.
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When it comes to customization, the two themes have very similar features. However, to make it much easier for you, I have pointed out the difference between the two:


  • With the Generate‌press theme, the mobile header option helps you customize the layout of elements, padding, and other settings.
  • You can set different page titles for different pages.
  • You can make your page title transparent, add video or image to the background, and so on.
  • It also gives you the option to manage your posts or page titles.
  • You can also customize your footer, footer layout, custom text set, etc.


  • With Astra, you can choose between the footer widget layout available in the saver and set custom text.
  • Astra offers you various widget areas depending on the website template you choose in theme.
  • Astra is very flexible when it comes to changing the colour and typography of every element on your website.

Pre-built site template:

Both themes come with a pre-built site template. However, Astra has a more massive site library than Generate Press.

Additionally, pre-made templates on Astra are easy to install.

All you have to do is install the free plugin, and it will instantly import the template. But the templates are designed for the Astra Pro theme. So if you are planning to use the free version, it may not work correctly.

On the other hand, the Generate‌press also comes with an excellent site library. However, the library is not as extensive as Astra. But yes, it's quality stuff. Additionally, Generate Press provides you with themes for various page builders such as Element, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, and Brazi.

                                                                       Astra Wins

Developer Friendly:

Both Astra and Generate‌press is very developer-friendly. These themes are designed by keeping non-coders in mind, and yes, you do not need to touch the code to create a fantastic website.

However, if you are good at CSS, both themes give you a CSS section where you can add CSS and customize it on your website. Additionally, there is an option to add hooks for wider customization.

Apart from this, you also get the option to import and export under theme settings. So themes you create can be easily imported and exported to your client website or your other sites.

Even if you are thinking of creating a child theme, two themes are supported. So it doesn't matter if you are an experienced developer or a newbie, both templates are good enough to work with.


WooCommerce Integration

If you want to set up an online store, two themes are an ideal choice. They both come with WooCommerce integration support and provide you with an online store template.

However, by the way, Astra Generate is much simpler and more customizable than Press. Additionally, Astra offers you more eCommerce templates than Generate Press.

But at the end of the day, the Generate‌press also works well with WooCommerce and other eCommerce plugins.

                                                                        Astra Wins

Support and documentation

Finally, let's talk about support and documentation. Both themes give you a high priority, and you can raise the ticket to solve your question.

However, Generate Press has extensive knowledge that can help you optimize your website instantly. It contains detailed documentation about all customization options.

Similarly, Astra also has its knowledge base and provides detailed documentation.But Generatepress service and support is much faster than Astra.

                                                                    Generatepress Wins







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