Siteground India Review: This Is Why I Choose Siteground

There are now plenty of choices available if you are looking for a website hosting company you can trust. To make things more confusing, all of these providers claim to offer top quality services.

One name you will encounter when looking for a hosting company is Siteground. But the million-dollar question now is, is Siteground good hosting?

This Siteground India review aims to list down the many reasons why I choose it as the number one hosting company right now

What is Siteground India?

Siteground is a hosting company based in Bulgaria founded back in 2004 composed of more than 400 employees. The servers of the company have already hosted approximately 800,000 domains. 

The offices of Siteground can be found in 6 different locations around Bulgaria although it is also serving other countries across the world such as India, with data centers distributed in the continents of Asia, Europe, and the Americas. 

Siteground India is an acclaimed website hosting company that provides a long list of hosting tools, tools for better performance, and an excellent customer service support, all of which are available at a very reasonable price.

Siteground is a favorite among owners of small and large businesses alike. 

A quick look at any Siteground India hosting review will let you realize why many people prefer to use it over other hosting providers. Siteground India has an active community with different events.

The company has also managed to position themselves as the leading provider of well-crafted hosting solutions. 

Siteground offers various forms of hosting services including shared, dedicated, WordPress, cloud, as well as reseller hosting. This lest you choose the right hosting service according to your specific and unique needs. 

Top Reasons Why I Choose Siteground as the Best Webhost

Here are the main reasons why Siteground can be considered as the best web host you can get right now:

It is the fastest Webhosting you can find

Siteground India ReviewMy website speed. I am using Siteground India

In today’s fast-paced world, it is only understandable that people prefer instant gratification. We know to appreciate the speed, particularly in things like websites.

Based on research, more than half of the population will leave a site if it fails to load in less than 6 seconds. Needless to say, speed is essential now more than ever.

The hosting provider you choose is among the key factors with a direct impact on your website’s speed. Siteground knows this and this is why they make sure that they are the fastest hosting provider.

Take note, Siteground is not only fast. They are superfast.

They have an exceptional server response time. 

Server response time refers to the amount of time it takes for a web server to respond to a browser’s request.

It is recommended that this number should be less than 200ms since if it takes more time, the site visitor will notice the lag and might bounce off.

When you choose Siteground, you will be getting an average response time of around 125ms, making it among the fastest server response time in the industry.

If the audience of your business is located in the US, this number will significantly go down to below 50ms.

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There is no such thing as downtime with Siteground India. 

Any Siteground India review will surely tell you that the provider ensures a 99.9% network uptime on a yearly basis as indicated in their Service Level Agreement or SLA.

According to the company, once they don’t live up to their promise, they are going to compensate by offering an extra month of hosting for free for each 1% of the lost uptime.

The perfect choice for WordPress CMS. 

Siteground Recommended bY WordPressSiteground Recommended by WordPress

Just so you know, Siteground is among the top 3 hosting providers that are officially recommended by WordPress itself together with DreamHost and BlueHost.

This rare list guarantees quality in terms of support, security, speed, and reliability all in all. This means that if you have plans to use WordPress as your CMS or you are already using it, Siteground is your best hosting option. 

SSL, CDN, site migration, backups and more are all free. 

Siteground India ReviewSiteground India Review.Fastest Webhosting for Indians.

You will never believe the long list of services that Siteground India offers for free. When combined, all of these free services might have a price equivalent to the cost of hosting itself when you choose other Webhosting out there.

Simply put, Siteground gives you almost all the things you need completely for free. 

Siteground India is guaranteed secure.

There is no doubt that Siteground India is secure. It is as simple as that. Just like you, security is also their number one priority on top of everything else.

Everything is super secure with Siteground India with all of its newest security patches.

And in the event that someone manages to break through their tight security, the company can still block every access then restore it from the free daily backups. 

Enjoy exceptional customer support. 

As stated on the support page of Siteground, their support is the number one reason why their clients love them and I can attest to this.

Their team composed of around 500 experts includes some of the most competent people when it comes to customer support. They go through intensive training, a lengthy mentorship period, and they also receive frequent evaluations and feedback of their work so that their expertise will remain at its best.

If you ever need help, there are several channels where you can get one. You can chat with the smart-bot or consult their knowledge base.

If you don’t find the answers you need, there is also phone support, live chat options available 24/7, as well as helpdesk tickets. 

Take advantage of amazing introductory prices.

Siteground Pricing

From Siteground India’s speed, uptime, response time, support, and so much more, it is actually a steal deal considering their awesome introductory prices. You can choose from different plans according to your needs for personal or professional use. 

Is Siteground India good hosting? The answer is a big YES! If you want to get special discounts for using Siteground India, you can purchase through my affiliate link to enjoy more savings!

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