How to Fix Adsense Ad Limit? [Secret Method]

​Are you facing ad limit in your adsense account ? I will help you to solve this issue.I faced this issue in one of my website.At that time I searched in the google for solution but I didn't got a perfect one.

Finally I found some working method which solved ad limit in my ​ website.

​Why temporary ad serving limit placed on your adsense account ?

​Temporary ad limit occurs when you site get more external traffic from social media like Facebook,Whatsapp,telegram or traffic from bots and blacklisted websites.

​Your earnings will be heavily dropped due to ad limit.

5 Best way to fix Temporary Ad Serving Issue In Google Adsense

 In most case within 1 - 2 weeks ad limit will be removed.

1.​ Drive more organic traffic.

Ad limit occurs when organic traffic is too small or nil.So you should drive some organic traffic to your website.You can easily get organic traffic from google by wrtting articles on keywords which have huge search volume and less ​competition.

​Finding keywords is a piece of cake when you use tools like S​EMrush.

2.Lengthy Article.

Make your website content rich.Write 4 new articles with 1000 ++ words,images and videos.

If you are lazy 😃

You can hire content writers from Fiverr at cheap rate.

3.Ad Placement

Many people will suggest you to change ad placements. But actually it negatively affects your blog. So don't change your ad placement during ad limit.

Nourish your website with content.

4.Make Backlinks

Make as much backlinks as possible.Try to get both do follow and no follow  backlinks from quality sites.Don't spam.

You can buy backlinks from websites like Link Management.​​

        Best Adsense Alternative 

      5.Add Google Recaptcha

       ​Sometimes our competitors generate bot traffic to our website.You easily prevent it by adding google recaptcha V3 in your website.

I hope​, this article helped you to fix ad limit in your website.

Google adsense temporary adserving issue solved

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