How to start a Blog
How to start a Blog

This blog is to help people of every industry to kick start their blogging career.

  • A Traveler asks me how to start a travel blog.
  • A Beautician asks me how to start a beauty blog.
  • A techy asks me how to start a technology blog.

I am going to answer this question. You all want to start a blog. The only difference is the category you are chosen.

Here I will answer the question How to start a Blog

People of every industry will get a clear cut idea from this article.

Starting a blog is easy as a piece of cake if you have pigheaded discipline and determination. Come on we are going to start the blogging journey.

Before you start blogging you should ask yourself why blogging ?

Let us now first discuss the benefits of starting a blog.

Benefits of starting a blog

  • You can make money by working from home
  • There is no boss, the ultimate freedom
  • You can develop your writing skills
  • It helps you to build your brand
  • Many more…

Without wasting time start your side hustle

Before starting a blog you should have a perfect niche for your blog

Ultimate Guide To Choose A Niche 

What is a Niche?

Simply speaking niche is the category in which your blogging.

Niche examples: Weight loss, Make money online, Best Smartphone, etc.

What is Micro Niche?

  • Microniche is falling into the subcategory of niche
  • Microniche is always specific and pointed towards a group of people.
How to choose the niche for your blog
How to choose the niche for your blog
What is Microniche

How to Pick Your Blog’s Niche?

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis for finding niche for blog

Here we are going to do SWOT analysis for finding perfect niche

Lets begin..

1. Strength

Find your strength and start a blog on that. If your a physics teacher start a blog on physics. It will help you to grow fast

2. Weakness

Find a solution for your weakness and start a blog on that topic. People like you surely searching for a solution for that. You faced and found a solution to that problem so you can write better than anyone else.

3. Opportunities Figure out the skills of people around you.

If your mother is a good cook you can collect information from her and start a blog on cooking topic

4. Threats Convert threats against you into bogging topic

For example: In most of the private firms if you don’t complete your monthly targets you will get fired out of your job. If you are in a private firm and completing your monthly targets.

You can share those tips in your blog and earn some money from blogging.

Find Your Passion

Start a blog on something you are passionate about.

If your a PUBG Pro player you can start a blog on the PUBG topic and convert your passion into money

Leverage Others Passion

Many people are crazy about Marvel stories and characters you can start a blog on that topic. You can easily earn awsome money from the blog by selling products related to marvels characters like Captain America Toys

Which Topic You Search Most

You can easily get blogging ideas by checking your browsing history.

Find the terms you searched most and start a blog on that. You can easily write better content because you researched a lot and you have some interest in this topic

Research well before choosing a niche

You should research well before choosing a niche.

Search Volume and Opportunities

To make your blog profitable you should check:

Search Volume of your Niche

Niche Related

  • Products
  • Events
  • Forums
  • Groups

Before starting your blogging career I want to ask you a question?

Can you write at least 50 articles without expecting any profit?

If this is a big ‘Yes’ we can continue our journey.

Now you are ready with a perfect niche, let’s move on to next topic.

Choosing Brandable Domain Name

Before buying a domain you should take care of a few things

  • Your domain should be short and easily memorable
  • Your main keyword should be in your domain name
  • Your domain name should be a trustworthy and eye-catching one

How to choose a perfect domain name for your blog

Choosing a perfect domain is sometimes takes a lot of time. I will share a trick which will help you to choose a brandable domain name under 1 Minute

Here we are going to use a website named Leandomainsearch

Step1: Visit the website

Choosing a brand domain name for website

Step2: Type your main Keyword

Buying brandable domain name for website your going to start

Step3: You will get a lot of domain names

Step4: Choose a domain that suits you better

Purchasing domain from godaddy
Completing payment in godaddy

Step5: Go to Godaddy and register your domain without wasting your time

Step6: Done Now we got a brandable, trustworthy domain for our website.

How to choose a Webhosting service

Are confused with term hosting?

Hosting is the place where all your data is stored.

You should check the following things before buying a hosting service.

  • Your hosting should be fast and secure
  • Only Buy Domain from high authority websites
  • You should check customer service

Before choosing the plans you should consider following things

  • How much storage you want
  • How much traffic you are expecting
  • How many websites you want to run in your hosting
  • How many subdomains you want
  • What type of server you want?

There are mainly 4 types of hosting:

Shared hosting: Many websites running in a single server or storage space. It is the cheapest hosting service as many websites running in a single server

VPS: It is a virtual private server. You can run your website on a virtual machine. It is faster and secure than shared hosting.

Dedicated Server: You buy dedicated servers for running your website.The ultimate control at your hand. It is faster than shared and VPS hosting one more is there that is cloud hosting

Cloud hosting: Your website will be hosted on cloud servers like amazon web service.It is super fast but as newbie it will difficult for you to manage a cloud server.

Don’t fall to cheaper unlimited hosting providers

Many websites provide hosting at a cheap rate but it will finally end in a great loss for you. Their offers seem to be eye-catchy but their services won’t.

I recommend you use the GrowBig plan of the Siteground. As a newbie, you will get high-quality speed, security, and service at a reasonable price.

I am using it for my two affiliate websites.

Siteground Review check it here

How to purchase hosting from Siteground?

Step1: Visit Siteground official website. I will provide you a discount coupon that helps you purchase hosting at a cheap rate.

Step2: Choose your plan.

Purchasing domain name from siteground

I will recommend you to choose the Grow Big plan because you will get

  • Unlimited Websites
  • 20 GB Web SSD Storage
  • Easy cPanel Control Panel
  • Daily Backups
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free & Easy Site Migration
  • Free Email Accounts

You will get any time 30 Money Back Guarantee & 24*7 Live Support

Step3: Enter your domain name purchased from Godaddy and proceed

Enter Domain Name Purchased from Godaddy

Step4: Change the billing cycle to 12 months and provide all your information

Siteground hosting Payment

Step5: Click on checkout and pay

Now you successfully purchased the hosting.

Let’s connect your Godaddy domain and hosting.

Step1: Login to Godaddy

Godaddy Connecting to siteground

Step2: Click on my domains

Step3: Click on Manage DNS

conecting godaddy with siteground

Step4: Add the Nameservers that you get from siteground.

Custom Nameservers in godaddy

It will take up to 24 hours for taking effect on the changes and this period is known as the DNS propagation period.

Setting up the content management system

This helps you to manage all the content of website.

I love WordPress and using it as content management system for all my website

Why I Love WordPress?

  • Most popular content management system
  • You can easily customize the design
  • You build responsive mobile sites
  • Easy and accessible system
  • Powerful media management system
  • High security and performance
  • Supports thousands of theme
  • Easily manage SEO with plugins
  • Google Loves WordPress Websites

I promise you guys, you love WordPress after using start using it.

Here is the tutorial video of installing WordPress in Siteground Hosting

Choosing Best WordPress theme for ranking your website

Now we are going to install the theme on our WordPress website

There are tons of free themes available in WordPress but it will not help you to capture your position in google.

Most of the free themes are prone hacking and you will lose all your data because of this fault. I highly recommend you to choose a premium theme.

Your theme should be attention-grabbing. People always have a mindset to judge a book by its cover. So make sure that you have an awesome design

Other wise you will lose a lot of traffic and money.

Your theme should be lightweight, easily customizable and should SEO Optimized.

I personally recommend you to use generate press theme. I am using generate press on this website. It is one of the lightweight schema optimized themes

If your not good at designing you can try Astra themes. Within a few clicks, you can set your theme.

Now we can install the theme that you purchased

Step1: Login to your WordPress admin panel.

How to upload theme in wordpress and write your first article

Step2: Click on themes and upload your theme.

Step3: Now your theme is ready,you can customize it according to your need.

Start Writing Your First Article

Its is the time to write your first article.

Content is the most important than anything else. Make your website rich with content.

Don’t fear about grammar or spelling mistake. You can use Grammarly and Prowriting aid tool.

Without wasting time write your first article

Now Monetize Your Blog and Make Awesome Money

Most of you started blogging to make money. Make a passive income with a blog.

You can earn money while you are sleeping

Ways to make money from your blog

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell Ad Space
  • Sell your Digital Products
  • Paid reviews
  • Paid Membership

Many more ways.

If you think in the right direction you can find thousands of way to make money from a blog

I know that you are going to build an awesome website.

Share your doubts and opinion in the comment box

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