WordPress Vs Blogger: Which is best ? [Pros & Cons]

When you are thinking about starting a blog, Blogger and WordPress are the two platforms that come to your mind.

People are often confused about choosing a platform for starting a new blog. I started my first blog in google blogger, and now I migrated all my blogs from Blogger to WordPress.

How to migrate from blogger to wordpress

Now my 9+ websites are running on WordPress. (NoteMy review will not be biased  even though I am using WordPress.)

Both WordPress and bloggers have their downside and upsides. Without wasting time, let move on to our topic.

WordPress Vs. Blogger Comparison: Let Decide the Winner

Wordpress Vs Blogger Popularity

This is the wordpress vs blogger popularity in 2020. Data From google trends.

1.Your Power Over your blog

When it comes to our control over our blog, Blogger is free a platform for Google. Google has the right to kick out your website at any time. You didn't have a call over it.

Many Blogs hosted on Blogger were suspended due to massive spam reporting by their competitors. Google will not open the door again. It will negatively affect your bog.

When it comes to WordPress, we have the ultimate control over our website. We are the ruler. We make rules.

Winner: WordPress

2.Search Engine Optimization

We all want organic traffic and want to rank in the google search result. SEO is the ultimate key to this. Blogger has some seo options, but it has some limits.

WordPress allows us to explore the full game of seo. More advanced features in WordPress help us to manage seo efficiently and effectively.

When it comes to indexing in google, blogger websites are fastly indexed. But there is not a massive difference between Blogger and WordPress indexing time.

Winner: WordPress


When it comes to cost, google blogger is entirely free. We only want to purchase a domain, which will only cost a few dollars. You can quickly start a blog under $10 with the help of Blogger and GoDaddy.

When it comes to WordPress, you need a fast and secure hosting service, which will at least cost $45 per year. Most of the hosting companies provide free domain with hosting.

Best WordPress hosting with a free domain.

Winner: Blogger


 WordPress Plugin Feature

While creating content in Blogger, I want to spend a lot of time to make a table or other things.

WordPress solves this problem. It has millions of plugins, which save a lot of time and make my post more useful. A newbie who knows nothing about CSS, Html, or any other coding language can easily make an excellent post with the help of plugins.

Winner: WordPress

List Of Tools I Used to Build this Website

5.Blogger vs WordPress for making money?

WordPress vs Blogger for making money

Our ultimate aim is to make money from our blog. We all want to convert our blog into a money generating machine.

Now the question comes: " Blogger or WordPress, which is good for making money ?" Let us discuss some of the monetization methods.

How to start a website that makes money


The blogging platform has a minute role when it comes to AdSense approval. Earlier blogger websites get Adsense approval faster. But recent studies show WordPress gets faster Adsense approval than Blogger. It may be due to the heavy spamming in Blogger.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about converting our views into a sale. In Blogger, we have low designs and features. In wordpress, we can easily create a sales funnel using tools like thrive architect. 

I love thrive architect, and it is one of my favorite plugin in wordpress.

Winner: WordPress

Final Verdict

Now you can see a clear winner that is wordpress if you are serious about blogging. I will recommend you to use wordpress.

Budget Friendly : Best WordPress Hosting


Wordpress vs Blogger which is best

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