WPX Hosting Review: Pros,Cons & Comparison with Siteground and Bluehost

What is the only factor influencing the success of your website? Although the performance of your website depends on many factors, the speed of the site is essential in them.

For the user, there is more frustration than a website that takes longer to load. For the website owner, the slower the site speed, the higher the bounce rates, search engine rankings, conversion rates and even revenue.

An effective way to improve site speed is to choose a high-quality web hosting service. The choice of hosting provider can also have a significant impact on other aspects of your website.

These include the overall performance and reliability of your website, as well as security. Therefore it is essential to choose a hosting provider that will enhance your website.

If you are a web developer or blogger, chances are you have WPX hosting. It has excellent reviews and ratings on Trust Pilot and G2 Crowd.
In this WPX hosting review, we will evaluate all its features and determine if the halal around it is appropriate for all. Before we go any deeper, let's first look at the WPX hosting offer.

What is WPX Hosting?

WPX Hosting is a premium fully managed WordPress hosting service. It offers lightning fast website speed and an excellent 99.95% time guarantee. Additionally, it offers other support features such as daily automatic backup and malware protection. WPX Hosting is also known for its top notch and responsive technical support team.

Brief History

WPX hosting is the brainchild of Australian founder Terry Kyle. Kyle has been associated with various online businesses since 1998. As a result, he saw a number of mediocre and average-web hosting providers.

Slow server performance, complex admin dashboards, and lack of direct expert support are some of the common problems they face.

Furthermore, these hosting services are not simple and often crash when your website is shut down and receiving significant traffic. Kyle developed WPX Hosting to overcome the challenges faced by easily accessible hosting providers.

 It was launched in 2013 with the aim of providing round-the-clock support with a simple and high-speed hosting solution. Today, WPX Hosting has become one of the most rated WordPress hosting providers.

Things to consider before choosing a web hosting provider

Choosing a hosting provider for your website is a very important decision. This will shape the future of your website as well as your business. However, the variety of hosting companies available in the market makes it difficult to choose one.

Therefore, it is important to evaluate the features and weigh their advantages and disadvantages before completing the hosting service.

Speed, storage, bandwidth, reliability, and security are important factors that affect your choice of hosting provider. In addition, you should also consider your skill and experience.

 If you are a beginner, the managed hosting service that assigns you each step is right for you. On the other hand, an experienced web programmer may prefer a hosting provider that offers developer-friendly tools for growth control and flexibility.

Assessing the quality of customer support is just as important. If a company takes minutes to respond to a live chat, it will take longer to resolve your questions.

You should also look at the technical support channels provided by the company. If you prefer voice communication over texting, you should choose a hosting provider that supports the phone.


Additionally, pricing plans need to take into account whether they fit your budget. If your website only shows low resource-intensive and company information, you should not spend valuable dollars every month on hosting.

You should also consider additional costs in terms of site migration, security plugins, SSL certificates, etc.

WPX hosting provides a simple and start-up friendly platform for hosting your websites. In addition to speed and time guarantees, it also offers unmatched customer support. Also, once you purchase a plan, you do not have to spend extra for malware scanning, DDoS security, migration, etc.

Therefore, if you are looking for a nice rounded hosting package that offers high speed and excellent technical support, then WPX hosting is the perfect fit. It uses very flexible images and huge plugins for resource-intensive WordPress websites and blogs.

This is also the case for websites such as online stores that require additional security features to protect consumer information.

However, WPX hosting is a fully managed hosting service that does not offer many developer friendly tools. If you want to self-configure your server, this will frustrate you.

Additionally, WPX hosting is limited to WordPress websites and blogs. If your website is built on a custom-coded or another platform, you cannot convert it to WPX hosting.

You should choose WPX hosting if you are ready to build your website into a blog. Additionally, WPX hosting pricing plans tend to be high.

While the features and additions justify its cost, you should evaluate whether your website needs these advanced features.

Now that we have the right idea about WPX hosting promises, we will dig deeper about its features and benefits.


Special features of WPX

The biggest attraction of WPX hosting is that it allows your website to load at the fastest possible speed. WPX hosting uses advanced technology to achieve such high speeds, including SSD storage and the WPX cloud (this inbuilt content delivery network).

It provides daily automatic backups and stores these backups securely on a dedicated server for 28 days. This is especially useful when you encounter an unexpected accident or cyber attack on your website.

All WPX hosting plans include unlimited free site migration. This means that if you already have a website hosted by another company, you can convert it to WPX Hosting for free. \

In addition, the expert support team takes care of the immigration process so that it becomes trouble-free and beginner friendly. The good thing is, you can migrate to as many websites as you want without paying extra.

Additionally, WPX hosting provides a user-friendly admin dashboard that can be used to monitor your website and server. It includes a one-click WordPress installation feature that instantly enhances your website.

You can also use the staging area to test new features and updates and make a copy of your website. Once you have updated the changes in the staging area, you can incorporate it into your live website using just one click.

WPX hosting offers many features to make your website more secure. It gives you an unlimited SSL Certificate, for free via Late Encrypt.

Additionally, you do not have to worry about getting the keys and installing certificates on your website. These tasks are completed automatically, giving you more time to focus on enhancing your website.

Furthermore, WPX Hosting does not require you to purchase and install other security plugins. It scans your website daily to detect any potential malware attacks. The WPX malware team detects and removes any malware or malicious files. This will protect you from complicated site audits and the difficulty of detecting security threats.

What are the security features of WPX hosting, including company-level DDoS security by Incapsula. It helps exceptionally well, incapsula in a business level plan costs $ 299 per month. WPX hosting uses a better plan and delivers it to you at no extra cost.

The great strength of WPX hosting extends to its 24/7/365 expert technical support. It features super-responsive live chat support and a ticketing system that helps equally.

It only takes a few seconds for a support representative to join you in a live chat. Unlike the self-proclaimed WordPress experts of other hosting services, WPX hosting agents are highly knowledgeable and will resolve your issues within minutes.

The ticketing process is also very active, with an average response time of five minutes. The website also has a strong knowledge base that can be used to solve various problems.

However, WPX hosting does not provide email and phone support. Although there is a quicker response time than preparing for this, you should prioritize verbal communication.

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WPX Hosting price

Main Features





10 GB

20 GB

40 GB


100 GB

200 GB


Number of Website












WPX Hosting offers three different pricing plans: Business, Professional, and Elite. Business plan per month $ 24.99 per month for professional and elite plans $ 49.99 and $ 99 per month. You can also get appropriate discounts on annual membership.

Although WPX hosting does not offer a free trial, all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This will allow you to complete the service and learn about it before committing. If you are not satisfied, you can ask for a refund quickly and politely.

It is worth noting that WPX hosting price plans are high. The inclusion of enterprise-level DDoS security, unlimited SSL certificates, and unlimited site migration justifies the cost. However, you need to make sure that you are going to take advantage of all these features in the long run.

Wpx Hosting Speed Test

If you are interested in managing WordPress hosting services, you will find a quick loading time. The only reason people subscribe to a high hosting plan is to take advantage of it (such as unlimited bandwidth and speed).

WPX Hosting Speed Test: Avada is one of the best WordPress themes installed on the website to test WPX hosting performance.

Compared to WPX Web Hosting, Avada was set up to run HostGator Web Hosting on the latest paid blog website to date and we found the following results, which show the difference,

Other hosting load time: 3.60 seconds

WPX hosting load time: 1.97 seconds It feels faster than others.

Improved WPX web hosting from previous. It has a lot of new features that will definitely captivate your mind.

As you can see from entry level web hosting to upgraded web hosting like WPX hosting, you will find that this is an unpredictable change in your website because it is faster than ever. You need fast and high speed web hosting when you see conversion rates and ratings. The speed of the website is the most important bandwidth provided by web hosting.

Features and Benefits: Take a closer look

As I discussed earlier, WPX hosting has a rich profile of advanced features. These include high speed, automatic backup, security plugins, etc. The most basic pricing plan can also host up to 5 websites and comes with 10GB of SSD storage as well as 100GB of bandwidth. It also includes WPX cloud integration.

The use of high-performance SSD storage is one of the important factors in improving website speed. Also, U.S. on WPX hosting. And U.K. There are data centers located in. This allows you to choose a hosting location that is physically close to your target audience. This will further improve the speed of the website.

In the following sections, we will examine the most important features and determine whether a WPX hosting promotion is worthwhile. Let's get started:

1. WPX Cloud Integration

The Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a network of proxy servers spread across geographically distributed data centers. These servers are used to cache static files such as multimedia, HTML script, etc. from your website.

When a user tries to load your website, the nearest proxy server is used to retrieve these files. This is the biggest advantage of CDN because it improves loading speed and reduces latency.

WPX Hosting has created its own custom CDN called WPX Cloud to give you lightning-fast loading speeds. Its proxy servers are spread over 20 locations worldwide and cover six continents. This ensures that your target audience has access to a fast website wherever they are. This can be very useful when you experience sudden traffic spikes as a result of marketing campaigns.

The best part is that all WPX hosting users get the WPX Cloud feature for free. It was launched in October 2018. All accounts created after the date are automatically configured and activated with the WPX cloud.

If you, like me, have used WPX hosting before, you need to enable it manually using your admin dashboard.

WPX hosting saves you the hassle of finding and configuring third-party CDNs. In addition to increasing speed and security, it eliminates the additional costs associated with external CDNs. I think this is very helpful for new bloggers and web developers.

 All you have to do is choose the right pricing plan; Installing and configuring the WPX Cloud can be a daunting task.

2. Unlimited free site migration

Do you already have a website and are looking to switch to a better hosting provider? WPX hosting allows you to transfer any existing website at no extra cost.

In addition, there is minimal involvement on your part in the immigration process. This is implemented in the context of WPX hosting experts as you focus on other aspects of your website.

I was looking for a major hosting service to choose from WPX Hosting. I'm running a few blogs before taking a chance on WPX hosting. Herculean's task is to move them manually to the new platform. Needless to say, it becomes very expensive.

Thankfully, all I had to do was create my WPX hosting account and place the immigration request using the ticketing system. I was asked to provide my current hosting account details along with my blog login credentials.

 The migration took less than 24 hours to complete and my blogs have been running smoothly since then.

The free migration policy is also suitable for business owners and marketers who are not well versed in web development. This will save you the hassle and expense of finding an expert who can complete the process for you. The good thing is, you can migrate to as many websites as you want.

3. Daily automatic backup

A sudden traffic spike can result in your website crashing. It can also be the result of a cyber attack. Additionally, you may make mistakes when adding new features to your website. Backup is an important aspect of blog websites.

The good news is that WPX hosting scans your website every day and backs up automatically.

Additionally, these backups are saved on a dedicated server for 28 days. You can use your dashboard to use these backups and restore the previous version in the event of a crash. WPX hosting gives you the option of manual backup.

The biggest advantage of an automated backup system is that it helps you recover from unexpected website crashes or slowdowns. You can restore a backup to make sure your website is accessible to users. This will prevent you from incurring significant losses in terms of revenue and traction. I think this is very useful for newbies who are still trying to build a website on a blog.

4. Staging area

Testing new features and plugins is an integral part of running a WordPress blog or website. However, you do not want to add these changes directly to the live website.

That’s why WPX hosting gives you a staging area where you can make a copy of your website and test new features before implementing them. This ensures that your audience has a clear user experience when trying out new features in the background.

However, most hosting providers will not retain the changes made to your website once you have created the staging site. What sets WPX hosting apart from other services is that you can merge the staging site with the live version.

This means that your website will be subject to all updates to previous changes intact. This is especially useful for bloggers who have added new blog posts or comments after creating a staging site.

5. Unlimited free SSL certificate

In recent years, SSL has become an important security feature for websites. This is expressed by changing your website URL from simple "http: //" to "https: //". Simply put, the website tells visitors that any personal information they share is in secure hands. Additionally, it can have a significant impact on your website's search engine rankings.

While you can easily obtain an SSL certificate from your hosting provider, it is difficult to install and configure. It is time consuming and requires technical expertise.

Fortunately, WPX hosting automatically installs SSL certificates on your website in less than a minute via encryption. This further strengthens my belief that WPX hosting is suitable for newbies for experienced bloggers.

The best part is that WPX hosting does not charge you extra to give you an SSL certificate and install it. Additionally, you can get SSL certificates for as many websites as you want. This separates WPX hosting from other services, limiting their allowance to one SSL certificate per account. This feature is especially useful for websites that need to receive sensitive information from visitors.

6. Malware scanning and protection

WPX Hosting scans your website every day to detect malware and other security threats. However, its service is not limited to detecting potential attacks. It provides a special WPX malware team that removes malware and other suspicious files when your website is hacked.

Additionally, it gives you a "guarantee for guarantee", ensuring that all security vulnerabilities are resolved at no extra cost. Even if your site is attacked by malware, it can always resume normal operation.

I think this is very useful when your income is highly dependent on your website. In addition to malware removal, WPX hosting also uses the custom-built Web Application Firewall (WAF) for added security.

7. Enterprise-level DDoS security

Distributed Rejection-Service (DDoS) attack is the most powerful security threat to today's websites. This happens when most systems fill up bandwidth with your web server's resources and traffic.

 As a result, the server will be overloaded and your website will not be accessible. All WPX hosting plans include company-level DDoS protection by Incapsula.

Incapsula's DDoS security plan starts at $ 59 per month per website. Adding it for free, WPX hosting gives you the highest level of DDoS security. I also think that a strategic classification of top security features is an added bonus for beginners. As a beginner, you may not even be aware of the various types of attacks that can damage the security of your website.

8. Simplified dashboard

The abundance of features that WPX hosting offers is overwhelming for newcomers. To help you easily, it gives you a natural and user-friendly dashboard. One-click WordPress installation with hassle-free website migration - you can easily do complex tasks. You can also manage your domain and email hosting from the dashboard.

9. Domain Registration

In addition to being a WordPress host, WPX hosting also allows you to register new domains. Domain registration / renewal prices start at 99.9999 per year. All domains come with free WHOIS privacy and unlimited SSL certificates.

I should mention here that domain registration via WPX hosting is an optional service. You do not need to register your domain with WPX Hosting to use its services.

10. 24/7/365 support

All WPX hosting reviews, I have unanimously submitted to its impeccable technical support team. Although all WordPress hosting providers in the market claim to employ WordPress professionals, WPX hosting depends on its reputation.

In addition to working around the clock to back up your website and identify security threats, the WPX Hosting Support Representative Platform assists you. You can stay in touch with them using the live chat feature and the ticketing system.

What sets WPX hosting customer support apart are quick response times and resolution periods. In the case of live chat, they take a few seconds to respond. Even with the ticketing system, they do not take more than a few minutes to contact you.

Furthermore, when you share your question, they work faster to solve it. I have cases where my problems are solved in 10 minutes or less. From setting up your account to creating your first blog website - WPX Hosting's support team is always there for you.

A minor flaw is that WPX hosting does not provide email or phone support. Although I have not had a problem so far, the lack of phone support can be confusing to those who do not like written communication. However, you can use the extensive knowledge base on their website to solve your questions.

11. Price

The WPX hosting review could not be completed without discussing its membership model. Per month. I already mentioned that you can choose from three different plans starting from $ 24.99. You can also opt for annual billing to get further discounts.

All plans include WPX Cloud Integration, Malware Scanning and Protection, Unlimited Site Migration, Unlimited SSL Certification, Email Hosting, and Enterprise-Level Didos Protection by Encapsula.

The business model is suitable for beginners, high plans are ideal for experienced developers with specific needs. All pricing plans come with a transparent 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can use the services for a month without commitment. I was initially skeptical that WPX hosting would live up to its promises.

However, it may be reiterated that WPX hosting does not provide its services. You can find other inexpensive WordPress hosting services on the market. However, what WPX hosting offers you in return for the extra cost is unique. If you are looking for a fast, secure, and reliable WordPress host with lossless customer support, WPX hosting is perfect for you.

So far, we have discussed what WPX hosting offers are and whether it is worth promoting. We learned that it offers you some exceptional features, including custom-built CDN integration, unlimited migration, and powerful security. Now is the time for us to know what real life WPX hosting users have to say about this.

WPX Hosting Comparison

Now lest compare wpx hosting with other famous hosting companies in the market.

 Wpx hosting vs Siteground Hosting

WPX Hosting v/s SiteGround Hosting

  • WPX Hosting offers free manual professional migration for all your websites, whereas Siteground only provides professional migration free for one website on the GrowBig or GoGeek plans
  • WPX Hosting only offers live chat and email support, whereas Siteground offer phone support as well as chat and email
  • WPX Hosting has a maximum storage of 40GB on their Elite plan, whereas Siteground storage is only 30Gb on their GoGeek plan
  • SiteGround hosting offers lower and more price points starting at $5.95 per month, whereas WPX Hosting has 3 standard tiers, starting at $24.99
Wpx hosting Vs Bluehost Hosting

WPX Hosting v/s Blue Host Hosting

  • WPX facilitating offers 1.24 seconds page speed though BlueHost page speed is 2.44 seconds.
  • WPX facilitating offers at least 10GB stockpiling to most extreme 40GB stockpiling though BlueHost offers least 50GB stockpiling to boundless capacity.
  • Unmetered data transmission for all BlueHost plans while WPX facilitating transfer speed expressed from 100 GB to unmetered.
  • BlueHost Shared facilitating plan began with $3.95 (every month) though WPX facilitating offers Business plan began with $24.95 (every month).

Is WPX Hosting Right for You?

The best way to answer this question is to weigh the pros of WPX hosting against its cons. Let’s get started.

Wpx hosting pros and cons

Advantages of WPX Hosting

The great strength of WPX hosting lies in its ability to provide quick and efficient support. The superior quality of technical support sets it apart from other blog hosting providers. WPX hosting is suitable for beginners who are just starting out with web development.

The combination of proactive customer support and user-friendly interface ensures that you do not need exceptional technical skills to use WPX hosting. The cherry on the cake convenient to move your current websites for free. Additionally, the integration of the WPX cloud eliminates the need to hunt for third-party CDNs. In addition to improving site speed, it also helps to increase website security.

An impressive classification of security features sets WPX hosting apart from other WordPress hosts. Everything from unlimited SSL certificates and malware removal to high-end DDoS protection and custom-built WAF-WPX hosting to keep your website safe. If your website is relatively new and simple, you may not need all these features right away.

However, the inclusion of these advanced features will keep your website growing. This will give you enough space to grow your website. Additionally, you can work to improve your website with better content and premium features without having to worry about issues such as speed and security.

Disadvantages of WPX Hosting 

First of all, WPX is more expensive than other WordPress hosting plans available in the hosting market.

While its features describe a high price point, it may not be appropriate for a static website that only shows company information. Since it is a fully managed service, experienced developers can gain control over their flexibility and control.

Additionally, WPX hosting is limited to WordPress websites. If you are not comfortable working in WordPress or you have a customized website, it may not be suitable for you. Lack of phone support is also a concern for those who like verbal communication.

Final Verdict

WPX Hosting is a feature-rich hosting service that is great for WordPress websites that require high speed and advanced security. It is Beginner Friendly and provides excellent technical support. If you want to start a blog or change an existing blog website, WPX hosting is a great option. You can also build complex websites on WPX hosting, including online stores.

WPX hosting is a wise choice for websites that will increase and attract more traffic in the future. However, this is not ideal when you only want a simple static website. If your website does not receive a few visitors a day, you may want to use a moderate and inexpensive hosting service.

 Is it worth ? The choice of web hosting provider will make or break your website. This separates the fast and secure website from the dull sub-par. WPX Hosting provides high-speed, secure, and reliable hosting for WordPress websites and blogs. It uses a custom-built CDN called WPX Cloud to further improve speed and efficiency.

It is a powerful WordPress hosting provider for unlimited site migration, premium DDoS security, daily automatic backups and other features such as malware scanning and removal. It is also known for vigilant and super-responsive technical support. WPX hosting is ideal for websites that use heavy plugins, multimedia files and other resources.

Do you want to switch from your current hosting provider to WPX Hosting? Click here to sign up and save 17% on your annual membership.

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